Migraines may be a sign of vitamin D deficiency

Afinland study found a strong correlation between lack of vitamin "d" and frequent headaches, which revealed that the lack of this vitamin may cause migraine headaches or Migraine sister, as well as tumors. And analyzed the organizers of the study data about 2600 Finnish men, aged between 42 and 60 years, depending on blood samples and answers a series of questions. The researchers found that about seventy percent of the participants in the study, men suffer from a noticeable lack of vitamin "d," the researchers pointed out that the low levels of this vitamin is considered a public issue in Finland and the Nordic countries, because these countries reduced the exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays levels, which It is the main source to supply our bodies with vitamin "d".

The study found that men who suffer from frequent headaches and suffer visits at least once a week, storing their bodies are less of vitamin "d" ratio, compared Boolaik who do not suffer from frequent headaches. The study said that men who have low levels of vitamin "d" and they have less than 11.6 ng / ml rates (28.99 nmol / L), found that they are more prone to frequent headaches than those who had high levels, more than 22 Nanonanogram / mL (55 nmol / L). The study findings reinforce an earlier study about who they are younger, and said that the children, adolescents and young people who suffer migraines, they may have mostly minor deficiencies in the three vitamins are: D, and B-2, and coenzyme Q10. The researchers explained that those who suffer from frequent headaches, spend less time abroad, which leads to a lack of exposure to sunlight, and the symptoms caused by vitamin deficiency of sleep and high blood pressure, nervous disorders pressure problems that necessarily head aches, headache forms cause. The study concluded that vitamin "d" plays a pivotal role in stimulating the sensory receptors of immune cells in the human body, which is doing its part to stop the growth and spread of cancer cells and causes migraines. Besides that vitamin "d" is made mainly in the skin when exposed to sunlight, can be obtained from many sources, such as eggs, cheese, butter, fish and grains dietary supplements.