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In light of medical developments in Saudi Arabia and despite the presence of a Saudi medical cadres high level is still a lot of patients in general are looking for treatment abroad. And I looked through more than ten years during which he served in several leadership positions for the answer to this question and found that many of the patients had lost confidence in dealing with some of the doctors. Hopes medical reference clinics offer a quality and luxury at the highest level to be the expectations of its patients medical service. Named Medical Repertory of our confidence in God and in our doctors feel a real reference in their specialties. Humanitarian motto - Secretariat - Sincerity - Transparency Medical Reference Center is the center of skill and expertise, and stronger leap medical treatment in the field of modern developer in the Kingdom Details.
Prof. Ayman Hassan Linjawi
Medical  Reference Center

Medical departments

Dermatology and Cosmetic Laser

Care about the real beauty care through and find the latest methods of facial and body contouring cosmetic surgery and t

Support Departments

.The medical support departments include home visits, pharmacy, lab and radiology

One day Surgery Unite

Medical Reference Clinics provide day-to-day reception services in the name of one-day surgeries surgery unit Depatment

Anesthesia Department

The Department of Anesthesia assists all departments in anesthesia, such as general surgery, oncology, dental surgery an

Dental Department

The Department of Dental Clinics includes Orthodontic Clinic, Dental Surgery Clinic, and Cosmetic Dentist

Dietitian Department

The Department of Nutrition in Medical Refineries offers its services to you through medical and health systems for nutr

Our medical clinics

Treatment and surgical oncology clinic

Treatment clinic and surgical oncology: We are working to provide evidence-based medical treatment and are proud specialization
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Family Medicine Clinic

Family Medicine Clinics: Family doctor is a doctor holds an educated and trained in the specialty of Family Medicine for four y
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Elder Care Clinic

Old age clinic providing all health services for the elderly also offers advice and guidance on how to deal with the elderly and p
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The clinic offers you all the private medical services, both X-rays and diagnostic or interventional radiology   CT sca
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Pediatrics Clinic

Pediatric Clinic The pediatric clinic Medical reference Center under the auspices of different age groups for children and
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