Symptoms of kidney failure

The kidneys of the heroes to get rid of toxins and waste and excess water in the body, in addition to their importance in the performance of some of the important vital functions, which include:
  • Regulate sodium levels in the body
  • Regulate potassium levels
  • Regulate pH levels
  • Maintain blood pressure levels
  • Organize the production of vitamin D in the body and take advantage of it and absorbed by the bone
  • Regulate the production of red blood cells in the body.

Although kidney disease may not be among the most prevalent diseases list, but that a large number of those infected do not know they are infected, but when you see some of the advanced symptoms.

What are the symptoms and signs that may indicate kidney damage?

Symptoms usually subtle kidney damage, not only appear with the passage of time and when they become serious and critical stages up to the kidneys loss for nearly 90% of its function.

Here are six symptoms that appeared one of them you should consult a doctor immediately:


Swelling and fluid retention in the body:
Presumably kidney natural situation that you clean the body of waste and rid it of excess fluid through urine. But in the absence of the kidneys work as normal, it is usually not drain excess fluid in the body, and Ahtbasha in tissues and cells, leading to an increase in weight, and this is what is known as "edema."

Lack of urination:
In a situation which increases the fluid retention in the body and its cells, reflected on the lack of urination, and visits to the bathroom to get rid of excess fluid.

Feeling tired and sleepy:
One of renal function is to regulate the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin process in the body, and in the event of a defect in this function, it leads to anemia, and therefore the loss of body energy and vitality and activity.

Disturbance in heart rate:
If the kidneys are damaged, the amount of potassium in the body will increase and accumulate, and this will greatly affect the heart rate and leads to erratic.

Loss of appetite, nausea, and dispersion and lack of clarity of thinking:
All of these symptoms may appear as a result of not cleaning the body of toxins and waste as it should, as the accumulation in different organs could lead to effects on mental and stomach operations.

High blood pressure levels:
In the event of damage to a kidney, it will inevitably affect the blood pressure levels, and lead to height, size of the blood will gradually increase in the absence of the kidney's ability to purified as necessary, and thus will increase the pressure on the walls of blood vessels, raising blood pressure levels.