Optimal diet to get rid of acne

According to conclusions of many studies that the quality of food is related to the spread of acne which adversely affect the appearance of the skin and the freshness of the face. We are dealing with in this report is the optimal diet for the prevention of acne annoying blisters and reduce symptoms. Some studies Alababoa tribes in New Guinea and in Paraguay, I tracked down a peoples depends on the style of a traditional diet, the researchers found that the rate of acne among these zero. While statistical studies estimated the prevalence of acne among American teenagers between 80 to 90 percent, the researchers assumed that the reason for this is to increase the index Algelesama GLYCEMIC INDEX "diabetes" in the Western diet. Algelesama where the index measures the level of sugar in the blood, which is caused by starchy "carbohydrates" nutrition and its effect on blood glucose that raises insulin levels and cause a series of hormonal changes that result in acne. These findings have led other researchers to conduct experiments on some of the Australians in the age group from 15 to 25 years have shown a marked improvement in the symptoms of acne, when the index Algelesama decrease in their diet also resulted in other studies and experiments conducted in Korea the results are similar to the Australian studies a lot.

The findings of all these studies that high Algelascime content in food affects adolescent acne. Examples of foods that contain high Gelascime index: white bread, rice, corn, popcorn, potatoes, bananas, orange juice, raisins, pineapple, watermelon, honey, glucose, maltose, table sugar, biscuits, breakfast cereals, canned beans . It issued and the American Academy of Dermatology set of guidelines, which includes a warning that the food index higher with Algelesama linked to acne. It is very important to know the Glycemic index for those interested in following a healthy diet and for those suffering from diseases including obesity and diabetes. If to avoid injury to acne and to alleviate the symptoms should reduce foods high Algelesma index, which can be summarized in processed foods, and foods made from white flour, and foods with high sugar, even facial Bndharth enjoy and get rid of pesky pimples.