Treatment and surgical oncology clinic

Treatment clinic and surgical oncology:

We are working to provide evidence-based medical treatment and are proud specializations and excellence in this clinic. The continuous consultation between the oncologist surgeon and chemotherapy doctor and radiation therapy doctor to get to the latest methods of chemotherapy and effective radiation therapy and advanced surgery and so on hands
Consultants on a high attention with alarm that treatment plans are being developed in a team meeting consultants collectively level
To study the development stages of tumors and falling with the healing, God willing ...

Services and operations offered by the Oncology Surgery Clinic

Advanced operations:
Radical resection of the breast glands under the armpit and reconfigure it self from the body tissues.
Eradicate radical bladder and lymph and reconfigure the alternative bladder.
The process of eradication of the whole or part of the pancreas and reconnect the channels to the digestive system.
The eradication of the larynx and pharynx and the upper part of the esophagus and esophageal reconfigure both planting muscle, skin or microscopic surgery for a portion of the small intestine.
Remove a portion of the top or bottom with the reconfiguration of self tissue.
The eradication of the bladder with a radical re-composition and planting alternative bladder.

Special character operations:

Eradication of advanced tumors with reconfigure parts Almstisalh by muscle transplants and skin.
Esophagus transplant operations.
Eradicate tumors operations or bags of the liver.
Operations to eradicate the lymph nodes under the armpit of endoscopic cosmetic breast cancer treatment.
Colectomy or bladder or abdominal tumors island with the help of the telescope operations.

Skilled special operations:

Eradicate radical breast glands under the armpit.
Gastrectomy - rewarded and kidneys.
Connecting the bile ducts of the intestines.
Eradicate cancerous esophagus.
The eradication of the anus or rectum or glands part.
Eradicate part of the pancreas or duodenum.
Eradicate the bag on the bile ducts.
Eradicate radical lymph nodes.
Perform abdominal laparoscopic surgery.
Eradicate the root of the thyroid glands with glands.

Major operations:

Eradicate glands Aldracah
Eradicate cancerous skin tumors without moving the tissues of the supplement.
Arrived gall bladder or stomach Balotny ten hernia operation or atresia diaphragm.
Remove a portion of the colon.
Positive abdominal exploration.
Eradication of partial intestine or colon.
Intestinal obstruction.

Medium operations:

Connecting the stomach or colon skin / Ombobh to put the case of esophagus cancer.
Connecting stomach small intestine.

Minor operations:

Take a sample of liver tumors.
Take a sample of the breast.
Take a sample of the head and neck tumors.
Take a sample of soft tissue tumors.
Take a sample of bladder tumors.
Take a sample of tumors of the uterus, cervix and vagina.