Pediatrics Clinic

Pediatric Clinic

The pediatric clinic Medical reference Center under the auspices of different age groups for children and provide medical care for them, from the moment of their birth until they reach the age of adolescence. This branch has evolved from different branches of medicine and in a very big and important due to the large number of diseases that might be exposed to during their lives of children, which are diseases and exceptional cases as their own.
It is also a pediatric clinic provides treatment services for children, as well as important tips for mothers to care for their children and the ways of their attention.


Services provided by a pediatric clinic

  1. Provide quick service for all emergencies
  2. Providing immunizations and vaccines for the prevention and supervision
  3. Respiratory problems
  4. The treatment of gastrointestinal diseases
  5. Dermatology
  6. The treatment of endocrine problems and sugar children and the problems of growth
  7. Treatment of heart disease
  8. Treatment of newborns and infants
  9. The treatment of urinary tract diseases and congenital malformations by
  10. The treatment of blood diseases
  11. The treatment of allergic diseases of all kinds
  12. The treatment of congenital hip dislocation and the problems of the bones of children
  13. Treatment of neurological diseases and convulsions

It is also a pediatric clinic providing the best advice and to respond to all medical consultations pediatric mothers to our belief in the role of the mother in the effective interest her child and sponsorship.

Examples of such tips .

  • Tips on child nutrition and breastfeeding and some guidelines that will help the mother to deal with her newborn ways
  • Tips on weaning and weaning the best times and the most important instructions that must be followed when weaning and the causes that lead to weaning and how to avoid failure.
  • Tips on baby hygiene and bathing, and how the best of times for bathing the baby and the most important steps to be followed when doing Pthumaim child
  • Overcoming sleep problems in children guidance
  • Ways to avoid the occurrence of sudden death syndrome in children
  • The best health tips to improve the psychological state of children and prevent psychological problems such as obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Ways to overcome the problem and reading difficulties in children
  • Your help in maintaining the safety and security of the child during crawling
  • Tips on artificial feeding and the general rules and basic that must be followed

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