Family Medicine Clinic

Family Medicine Clinics:

Family doctor is a doctor holds an educated and trained in the specialty of Family Medicine for four years after receiving a General Medicine
And holds a board certified in the specialty of Family Medicine and is characterized by technology and knowledge enable it to provide comprehensive and continuous health care in
Curative and preventive health for everyone irrespective of sex, age or the nature of the problem, whether organically or psychological illness or behaviorally.
The family doctor precision in the treatment of his patient and the patient is understood his feelings and expectations of the ideas and the ability of the patient to cope with his illness during his lifetime.
Family doctor with which a privileged relationship he respects the privacy and this Aerqh comes through continuous follow-up becomes Aih doctor is the reference
The health of the entire family.

The Family Medicine Clinic manages a group of consultants who specialize in family medicine in order to provide primary medical care upscale meet all needs. The family medicine clinic to address a wide range of health problems such as high cholesterol and Aloekat, fatigue and colon problems, as family medicine clinic providing a package of curative, preventive and rehabilitative services, which includes a number of health programs such as universal health examination program, the health advice of the pre-marriage and pregnancy, and the program genetic counseling and palliative care and smoking cessation services travelers Medicine.


Family Medicine Clinics services include:

Periodic medical examination (routine, preventive, Executive).
Early detection of chronic diseases such as diabetes and follow-up, pressure, cholesterol and endocrine diseases of the joints and chronic diseases such as asthma and chest care of it.
Early detection of tumors such as breast and cervical cancer in women and colorectal and prostate in men.
Health education and assessment of risk factors and lifestyle changes to avoid exposure to blood clots and heart disease, osteoporosis and help
The patient to quit smoking and lose weight and healthy food.
Psychological care: follow up all matters relating to the situation of social and individual psychological, physical and social pressures and problems that might be exposed to.
Vaccinations for adults and children: that national immunization and vaccination program includes optional depending on the patient's need for him.
Women's Health: includes family planning and examination of pre-marriage, examined prenatal care and pregnant follow-up prior to conception and during pregnancy and provide everything needed her, early detection of tumors and includes a gynecological examination and breast screening and vaccination against cervical cancer and took a swab of it,
Give information and gynecological care, genital infections and sexually transmitted diseases, menstrual cycle - problems, erratic and symptoms of pre-session.
Child Health: detection to prevent the birth of children with genetic diseases, genetic diseases. The follow-up healthy child from birth until the age of puberty as scheduled follow-up system.
Care for the elderly and find out their needs and misuse of drugs have the treatment and prevention of diseases of aging.